Employment Opportunities

HODN members can send us resumes for posting in either the public or private areas of our portal.  Anyone can send us job announcements to be posted to the member-only area of the HODN portal.

Job Announcements

Send a job announcement to HODN for posting in our member portal

Resume Posting

HODN members may choose either of two options for having their resumes or CVs posted to our portal.  One allows the resume to be seen only by other HODN members, and the other allows access by the general public.  Or,  if you prefer, you may choose to have your resume posted to both areas.

Resume Access

Those non-members interested in engaging an HODN member for employment opportunities may access the HODN Public Resume Repository at the following link:

Access resumes of HODN members available to the public

Expiration of Job Announcements and Resume Postings

After being posted to the member portal, job announcements will be retained for four to six weeks.  HODN members may have their resumes posted on file as long as they are seeking employment and remain members of the organization in good standing (i.e., current with member dues).  Members who are no longer seeking engagements and would like their resumes removed may send a request for removal from within the portal or may contact the webmaster.