About Us

The Houston Organization Development Network (HODN) is a vital learning community that develops, supports, and inspires practitioners and enhances the body of knowledge in human organization and systems development.

Members of the Houston Organization Development Network are practitioners representing a range of professional roles in a wide variety of organizations. About half the members work in private industry, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. The other half work for consulting firms, or engage in private practice, and/or teach.

HODN is an affiliate of the national OD Network, the largest U.S.-based organization for OD practitioners. While the majority of ODN members are from the U.S., there are members from more than 90 countries worldwide.

Our Mission and Vision

The HODN leads the Organization Development field and its practitioners in creating effective and healthy human and other organizational systems in an inclusive Houston community.  We are a values-based community that supports its members in their work in organization and systems development and offer leadership and scholarship to our profession, organizations, and the community-at-large.

Our Values

In fulfilling the HODN mission and in our work as practitioners, we value:

  • Inclusion of people, ideas, perspectives and cultures, collaboration and partnership with clients

  • Cooperation and support among colleagues (practices that foster cooperation)

  • Appreciation of the interconnectedness of systems

  • Ongoing personal and professional development

  • Knowledge of self and understanding of one’s impact in the consulting process

  • Social responsibility...contributing to the benefit and well-being of the earth and its people

  • Seeking to network with organizations that accept our values

Through living our values we:

  • Create & maintain a dialogue among HODN members & other individuals

  • Stand for and embrace diversity

  • Continually examine our impact on organizations and the world in which we live and work

  • Enable organizations to more effectively reach their business objectives

Our community consists of:

  • People who are intentional regarding their active involvement in HODN

  • People who have limited or casual contact with HODN

  • People in or related to the field of OD who are not currently HODN members

Our key community segments include:

  • HODN members

  • Prospective members

  • Consumers of HODN products and services

  • Regional HODN members

Our Strategic Direction

In realizing this vision, the OD Network will take action as the...

  • CONNECTOR of diverse groups for the enhancement & improvement of OD

  • ADVOCATE in developing, promoting, and enhancing (upholding) the principles of practice and competencies for OD practitioners

  • PROVIDER of value-added services and on-going education and development that enhance the ability and expand the capacity of OD practitioners to do their work

  • CHAMPION of a perspective that fosters OD practitioners’ understanding and respect of differences and similarities throughout the world

Our Desired Outcomes include:

  • Intentional sense of community and connectedness

  • Broad range of diversity and member participation

  • Environment of continuous professional development

  • Positive impact on the community we touch & multinational organizations

  • Leadership and scholarship for the profession

Professional Conduct Guidelines

Adopted from the OD Institute for consideration of HODN members.